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Piazza Vittorio: Melting Pot

Have you ever been to Piazza Vittorio? Do you like to travel, to know new cultures, new ethnicities?

After having eaten at our restaurant, take a walk to Piazza Vittorio, you will discover, in addition to the vast dimensions of the Piazza, to find yourself in a place where the national boundaries lose their meaning, where there is a sense of globality and not of individuality, Where the citizens of many places on the planet earth are joined for example by a Market!

So Piazza Vittorio as a "Melting Pot" as a place where the word "race" loses its meaning, where thousands of cultures merge and merge to give birth to a new flow of life, a great opportunity for knowledge and exploration.

Piazza Vittorio: The Origins

The origins and the construction of Piazza Vittorio are located at the end of the eighteenth century and precisely around the 1880s (1882-1887). In essence, shortly after the unification of Italy, Gaetano Koch was sent to build the famous "portico" square, which was named after the very first king of Italy.

Therefore, it was decided to opt for a "porch" square to facilitate the movement of citizens, in addition to the most diffuse mode of construction typical of Northern Italy: palaces designed to become authoritative, with a height of 24 meters, and porches of 280 columns. The square, therefore, was perceived as "Piedmontese" and was surely a revolutionary novelty in the very first united Italy.

To realize what was then the largest square in Rome, streets, squares and churches were eliminated, such as Piazza Guglielmo Pepe (where many cultural events of the time were held, including a very first appearance by Ettore Petrolini! ) And Villa Palombara.

Where we are

Come and find us for your lunch or dinner, in Via Principe Amedeo 325/327.
We are in the Termini area well connected to all the main urban nodes of the Capital !!
From Termini station you can reach us by tram line 5 or 14, metro line A stop Vittorio Emanuele, or by bus line 649.

Opening hours: from 12:00 to 16:00 and from 18:30 to 00:00
(All holidays week included).

Certificate of Excellence 2017

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