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Rice and Bread

Pilaf rice (Basmati rice)
Kima briyani (Indian risotto with minced meat)
Vegetable briyan (Indian risotto with vegetables) *
Chicken briyani (Indian risotto with chicken) *
Mutton briyan (risotto with lamb) *
Jhinga briyani (Risotto with shrimp) *
Kashmir pilou (Rice with grapes and almonds)
King prown briyan (Risotto with prawns)
Zafran rice (Basmati rice with saffron)
Matter pulao (Basmati rice with peas)
Naan Chapati (Indian Bread)
Buttern Naan
Aloo Naan (Potato Bread)
Cheese naan / keema naan (Bread stuffed with minced meat)

* Briyani is served with yogurt sauce with vegetables

Certificate of Excellence 2017

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