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Near Piazza Vittorio

Himalaya's Kashmir, is now an almost historic tradition in Rome thanks to its more than twenty years of activities that make it, like Indian Restaurant, a landmark for all those who love the taste of Indian Spices, but also for those who want to " Experience "an Ethnic Restaurant and the novelty of Indian cuisine.

The fact of being very close to Piazza Vittorio makes it even more interesting. Piazza Vittorio is one of Rome's historic squares. It is characterized by large palaces built in the nineteenth century, and is essentially the largest square in Rome (316 x 174). The presence of markets and various activities during the day make it particularly popular.

As a result of these aspects, Himalaya's Kashmir is often identified as "The Indian Restaurant of Piazza Vittorio" or "A stone's throw from Piazza Vittorio, there is the Indian Restaurant", Indian cuisine, history and tradition united in the geographical perception of Rome And Romans.

Certificate of Excellence 2017

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