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Fish Menu

We bring it

     Fish fry (fish fried)
     Shrimp Tandoor (Shrimps cooked in terracotta oven)

One of your choice

     Vegetable Soup (Vegetable soup with spices)
     Mulligatawny soup (Lentil soup with spices)

One of your choice

     Fish tandoor
     Fish curry
     Curry shrimp
     Shrimp mughlai

One of your choice

     Courgettes of courgettes
     Eggplant purée
     Cauliflower with potatoes
     From (Indian Lentils)
     Indian chickpeas with spices
     Mix vegetable

They bring us

     Raise (Yogurt with Vegetables) / Indian Salad
     Vegetable Pilaf (Basmati rice)
     Tandoori Naan (Indian bread at tandoor)
     Indian Sweet

Certificate of Excellence 2017

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