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Choice for Vegetarians

Vegetable Kofta (Vegetable Meatballs)
Malai Kofta (Indian cheese dumplings)
Peas and mushroom curry (Curry of peas and mushrooms)
Aloo gobies (Potatoes and Cauliflower)
Matter paneer (Peas and Indian Cheese)
Courgettes of courgettes
Palak paneer (Spinach with Indian Cheese)
Baingan bharta (Eggplant Purée)
Chana Masala (White chicory with spices)
Kashmiri vegetable korma (Vegetables with yoghurt and almonds)
From (Indian Lentils)
Mix Vegetable (Mixed Vegetables with Spices)
Makhni dal (Lentils cooked with cream and butter)
Bhindi okra (Indian vegetable cooked with spices)
Gira allo (Potatoes with cumin)
Raise (Yogurt with Vegetables)
Indian salad
Paneer Peshawari (Indian cheese cooked with spices and peppers)
Bahar Veg (Roasted Cauliflower and cooked with spices)

Certificate of Excellence 2017

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